Negative Ions are Positive For Human Body

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Negative ions

Negative Ions are of course beneficial for human body but Yes, What are they and how can we get more of them?? These are Oxygen Atoms charged with an extra electron that might revitalize your mood. Just get a whiff of it and you can experience the next best thing in the air – Negative Ions. Don’t go by the name, it says negative but actually it create positive vibes everywhere and have positive effect on Human Body. Negative ions are more pervasive at natural places, especially around the moving water. Just think about the taste and feeling of the air near to a waterfall or mountains. The feeling itself can relieve your stress and can boost your energy. What if you can carry that feeling to your bedroom, kitchen or workplace, Wonderful..

Positive and Negative Ions

What are Positive Ions and what are Negative Ions and what do Negative Ions do?            Positive Ions are molecules that have lost some electrons whereas Negative Ions are actually Oxygen Atoms and one can find ample of it near waterfalls. Negative Ions purifies the surrounding air of mold spores, pollen, cigarette smoke or any other dangerous airborne particles. They get attached to the positively charged particles and make them too heavy to stay in the air. At a point they drop to the floor which removes them from the air you breathe in. This might lessen the chances of getting respiratory problems like Asthma and other allergies.

Air Pollution in Indian Cities

The highly concentrated positive ions are more likely present in polluted cities, confined spaces and crowded areas. Air pollution today is a very serious issue in most of the Indian cities today. The disease burden of Air Pollution (Indoor and Outdoor) is approximately 10% of India’s total burden of disease. So we need to increase awareness about the issues related to Air Pollution and should find a solution to improve the Air quality.

Negative Ion Treatment

Each of us have One Negative Ion generator at our home, Your SHOWER. The steam produced in a hot shower is a very good generator of Negative Ions. But it is not of much use as it cannot be used everywhere.  The best negative ion treatment for such places could be a good Air Purifier. Air purifiers are not harmful, they emits a lot of Negative Ions into the air which will trap the dangerous airborne particles making the surrounding air cleaner to breathe. Sometimes these Negative Ion Air Purifiers are confused with Ozone generators which are actually harmful as they emit high level of Ozone that can be bad for health.

Negative Ion Air Purifier

Today we are extremely in need of a Negative Ion Air Purifier. 

  •  Negative ion can increase your mental clarity. It can also be called an antidepressant.
  •  It can remarkably decrease the bacteria in your home.   
  • Negative Ion Air Purifiers emits a very relaxing effect which can even relieve your tension or can reduce your blood pressure too.
  • As a result a person can get a better sleep and a perfect digestive system as well.     
  • A good sleep will improve your energy levels and can raise your mental concentration.

How to choose an Air Purifier

Now one can wonder how to choose the best negative ion product because there are thousands of such available in the market. Just keep in mind few points before you go for an Air Purifier. 

Pay attention to few specifications:

  • Check the amount of Negative Ions
  • Coverage area where Negative Ions are dispersed
  • Life span of Air Purifier
  • How handy and compact it is?
  • How frequently do we need to change the batteries?
  • Can we carry it everywhere?
  • Positive Ion counts
  • Noise generation

AirTamer, world’s personal wearable Air Purifier

Here we have the world’s most effective personal rechargeable Air Purifier, AirTamer A310. Its Advanced Ionic Technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants stay away from you giving you a cleaner air zone.

The blinking green light indicates that AirTamer is cleaning the air. AirTamer’s electrostatic purification creates a 3 – foot sphere of cleaner and healthier air around your head, making it easy to breathe. It provides 9 times more cleaning power than others. It is rechargeable and once charged its run time is more than 150 hours. It can easily be charged with the included USB cable. AirTamer’s design is ultra-compact, smaller than the size of an MP3 player and it can be carried anywhere. It works silently with no noisy fans or motors. It can even clean the air of Atomic sized pollutants like pollen, smoke, molds and dust bites which mostly traditional air purifiers leave behind.